Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Help You Breathe Easier

19 July 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

The air that's inside your home or business should be easy to breathe without causing any adverse health effects. If you want to know if the air inside your building is up to standard, indoor air quality testing can be performed with the use of highly sensitive equipment that can detect all types of gases, pollutants, and other impurities that might make breathing more difficult for you and other occupants.

May Identify Causes of Respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory infections and other illnesses that affect the lungs, throat, and other parts of the body that are used for breathing are often caused by air problems that are occurring naturally inside a building or coming from outside sources. Indoor air quality testing can often detect allergy-inducing mold growth that may be coming from poor insulation, a water leak, or a natural process that's occurring inside a building. Smoke and gas that might be coming from the inside or an outside source and causing respiratory problems can also be detected with the best indoor air quality testing equipment. 

A Possible Lifesaving Solution

Certain gases and toxins in the air could increase fatality risks if they are inhaled in large amounts, and you might not even notice these problems in your building's air without testing. Carbon monoxide, which can come from faulty or improperly used machinery or a backed-up heating source, can be deadly if enough of the gas is inhaled. Radon is another colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that might have gotten into your building through cracks or other openings and is often linked to lung cancer. Indoor air quality testing can also look for cancer-causing asbestos particles in the air.  

May Help Your Business Comply with the Law

Indoor air quality testing can also help you breathe a sigh of relief if you run a business and want to be sure that the air inside your building is safe enough to inhale and doesn't violate the law. If inspectors come into your building and determine that the air is unsafe to breathe or is contributing to air pollution outdoors, you could be fined and possibly even face criminal charges. Indoor air quality testing can let you know if your air is up to standard before any official inspections are conducted so that you can take corrective measures to ensure that your business doesn't fail an inspection.

When you're inside your home or business, you shouldn't have to breathe dirty air that may be loaded with impurities that could make you sick or even lead to more serious health issues. The results from your indoor air quality testing can be used to make any needed improvements so that you can breathe the cleanest and safest air possible.