What A Homeowner Should Know About Carpenter Ants

30 June 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Ants are some of the most annoying types of pests to deal with around a house. The reason why is because there are usually large amounts of them when they are present. If you have been seeing ants on the interior and exterior of your home, you must keep in mind that they can be destructive depending on what type they are. For instance, if the ants are large, it is possible that they are carpenter ants, which can be just as destructive as termites. In this article, you will gain more insight about carpenter ants and getting rid of them.

What Are Signs That Carpenter Ants Are Present?

One of the signs that carpenter ants are present around your house is when they are actually seen looking for food. The ants are a species that search for foods in different varieties, such as crumbs that are in your house. Carpenter ants are primarily attracted to meat and foods that are sweet. Another sign that carpenter ants are present is if you here noises in your walls when your house is quiet. The noise stems from the ants creating holes in the wood portions of your house to build their nests.

What Makes Carpenter Ants Destructive?

Carpenter ants can destroy your house just as termites do when they are present. The only difference is that the destruction will likely happen faster with termites because they actually consume wood. Termites are able to consume wood all throughout the day. With carpenter ants, wood will not be consumed, but it will be destroyed due to holes being created. It is possible for the wooden structure of your house to remain in a stable condition if carpenter ants are found and treated in a timely manner.

How Can a Homeowner Keep Carpenter Ants Away?

Keep in mind that many of the carpenter ant species are attracted to damp wood. It is important to make sure leaks are repaired in your house if any are present, as it will prevent high humidity levels and damp wood. The best way to keep carpenter ants away is to get your house exterminated every now and then by an ant control service. An exterminator will find the colonies and treat them with chemicals that can kill the ants in no time. The great thing about the chemicals is that they can also continue killing the ants for a while after they have been sprayed the first time.