Using Scrap Metal To Reduce Waste And Create Something New

17 June 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Reusing metal materials is not a new concept by any means but scrap metal has become much more common these days than it was just twenty years ago. People are much more aware of the need to recycle and reuse now and as a result, industries like the scrap metal production and processing have grown very quickly. Here are just a few examples of how scrap metal can be used and the benefits it offers.  

What is Scrap Metal?  

Simply defined, scrap metal is metal that is left after product manufacturing or that is a result of consumer consumption. Cars, building materials, manufacturing scraps, and other materials that are either old and discarded or just left over after something was produced. When a car has worn out and is not longer serviceable for instance, it can be scraped. The car will be taken apart and all the pieces reused, melted down and mixed with new ore to produce new metal, or used in some other way. This is the concept behind scrap metal use.  

What are The Benefits?  

There are cost benefits as well as a reduction in impact to the environment that come with re-manufacturing with scrap. When metals are manufactured, the ore or raw materials are mined from the earth but the amount of material needed is being reduced as old materials are brought into the process. The cost savings makes it more affordable for the manufacturer and that savings can, in turn, be passed to the consumer in the form of materials and lower prices on goods that people buy every day.  

Saving Energy Through Reuse  

Energy consumption can also be reduced through the use of scrap in manufacturing. An example of that is the production of aluminum. Recycled aluminum melts at a lower temperature and as a result, the furnaces used in the process consume less fuel. This applies to most recycled metals and as a side effect, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced which is good for the planet and the air we breathe every day.  

Scrap Metal As Art  

While there are many practical uses for scrap metal, there is a growing trend in the art world where artists are using scrap materials to create new things. Sculptures and artwork made entirely of scrap materials have become very popular. The artist often does not alter the material, but instead, uses many things to create something new from them. While these artworks are not for everyone, they do have a certain flare that has become popular.